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Friday, January 28, 2011

A modified photograph
This is a piece cut from a  more comprehensive photo I took recently. It has been modified with photographic software to give the appearance of something else. The picture has also been turned (poorly) into a painting using the software. I suppose I could entitle it "A Structure in a Natural Setting." (Click on the picture to enlarge.)


Pete said...

That's an interesting photo Dave. I like it. I think it's good to experiment and I often modify photos to see what different results I can get. Sometimes it doesn't work but sometimes the results can be quite amazing. Keep experimenting :)


Dave said...

I agree Pete. Sometimes a small part of a greater picture can be more interesting than the whole picture - Dave

Pyjama Gardener said...

I like this composition and the way the leaves look like a falling mist of stars... I'd be interested to see the picture without the painting effect. I recently had some great success modifying a picture of my children walking though the botanic gardens rainforest gully using an antique effect. It looked so good I had it made into a canvas print!

Keep up the nice pics!

Dave said...

PG, thanks for your visit and comments. Yes, it can be fun playing around with photos. Would like to have seen your one- Dave

Pyjama Gardener said...

Perhaps I'll post it on my blog :-)

Dave said...

PJ, you are welcome to if you wish :-) Dave


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