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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A covered trellis walkway at Hamilton Gardens
I walked around the gardens on Saturday taking lots of photos and thought this trellis looked good for a picture. It divides one garden theme from another. The Hamilton Gardens complex is well worth one or several visits.


Pete@HamiltonViews said...

Good shot Dave. I know exactly where that is in the gardens. It is a lovely place to go for a walk :)


Dave said...

Hi Pete. Yes, I enjoyed my afternoon just wandering there. Happy New Year to you - Dave

Pyjama Gardener said...

I'd be visiting Hamilton Gardens as often as I could! We travelled around North Island in April 2010 and after visiting Hamilton Gardens once, we made sure to have a return trip through Hamilton so we could go back. I loved how the gardens had changed in just the few weeks between our visits, but that's the beauty of gardens, really, isn't it?

We also visited some absolutely gorgeous gardens in New Plymouth, plus they also have the Naki...

Dave said...

PG, glad that you enjoyed Hamilton Gardens. I love them too. Yes, New Plymouth Gardens are great too, especially the rhododendron gardens in season. Thanks for your comment and visit. Please call again? - Dave


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