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Friday, January 21, 2011

Hamilton's Fairfield Bridge
This is one of Hamilton's iconic bridges. It is a construction of reinforced concrete and was probably the second bridge built for vehicle traffic across the Waikato River at the northern end of the city.

Click to enlarge. That mark in the water is a duck taking off.


vei said...

Nice photo! It is surreal. I feel at peace. Thank you.


Dave said...

Vei, I went to your blog site. Commercial but interesting - Dave

Pete said...

Good shot Dave - like the duck :) They have been repairing it since Christmas but think it open again shortly.

Dave said...

Yes, I think so Pete. Surprising how inconvenient closure of any of the bridges can be huh? - Dave

Tamara said...

you've got an eye for details and I really love your pictures - Tamara

Dave said...

Thanks Tamara. Dave

Wânia Rósario said...


Dave said...

Wania, thanks. Nice to have you call. Please call again? - Dave


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