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Friday, March 26, 2010

A vase of roses
These were picked from our garden during a better rose-growing year. I like to remember these because early this summer I accidentally sprayed them with weedkiller instead of rose spray. It proved the hazard of having two spray units, and what happens when we are careless.
The white rose was beautiful with a strong bewitching perfume. It was called Margaret Merryl and was given to us by our youngest son some years back. It was also a profuse bearer, even as a standard rose, which it was.
The pinky coloured rose is called Maggie Barry, bred in NZ and named after a local TV gardening personality. It was a beatuifilly shaped rose but beware of those vicious thorns!
Sadly we lost the white rose, but the pink one is valiantly struggling on and giving some not-so-healthy blooms. A new planting will be needed this winter after we pull out seven of our now-dead rose plants. We look forward to having a nice rose garden again.
I will be very careful with the spraying in future!

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