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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ginger kitten
This little fellow is one of two kittens we are fostering for the Waikato SPCA till he is big enough to go to a permanent home. He is one of two - his grey sister - and they are both really cute. He is going to be a semi-longhaired cat and is extremely affectionate and sociable.


Pete said...

sorry Dave for some reason my post came up twice ?!? :)

jel said...


but i'm more of dog person myself! :)

Dave said...

Happens to me sometimes too Pete. Double clicking I think. Wish I knew how you deleted it? - Dave

Dave said...

Hi Jel, thanks.
Pete, I figured how to delete comments. - Dave

Pete said...

Glad you figured it out Dave. It's handy to know when errors occur :)


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