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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Yellow Peril
This snazzy little car was spotted last week at Whakatane. To me it looked very zippy and nice and I thought that I wouldn't mind a car like that. I know Jill certainly would, but then, she never saw it.
It was called "The Yellow Peril", a name that somehow suited it.
(Click to enlarge)


Pete said...

Interesting car Dave, do you know what make or model it is?

jel said...

it is a nice car

have you ever seen the movie "CARS"
when i first saw this picture, the car reminded for the that movie, it would have fit in, it's got the face of a cute bucktooth rabbit! :)

Dave said...

Pete, no I don't. Maybe a toyota?
Jel, No I haven't. Sounds like this car would suit tha role though! - Dave


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