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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Maori Carving Head
This carved head is part of a Maori carving located at the Kirikiriroa Pa site above the Waikato River at the east end of London Street, Hamilton City. It can look quite terrifying to the uninitiated!


mary_smith said...

Very cool picture!!

Surto said...


I "stole" your maori head and posted it in my blog with credts of your work. In Brasil we have a "carrancas" that are as frightening as maoris and protect fishermen from rivers in the north of country.


I wish to you and your family a happy new year.


Dave said...

Mary, thanks.
Surto, I visited your blog site but never saw the Maori head. I see that your site requires conditions to join. In such a case I am not happy with you using my photo as I want them to be freely available for readers to see and use if they wish, but not for commercial use. Please either ensure that it is free to see with my acknowledgement,or please remove it. Thank you. - Dave

Surto said...


Sorry, was not my intention bother you, my blog has not conditions to visit or to make comments have must have been some mistake of your side,I only wanted disclosed your work and my blog has not commercial purposes,then do not worry it already been removed of my blog, I did not earn any money with your picture and this fact did not happen again.

Marcos Cesar dos Santos
Santo André - SP - Brasil

Dave said...

Hi Surto.
I'm sorry if I misunderstood your blog site. I am happy for you to use pictures from my site providing they are mine and that they are not used commecially, and are freely visible to readers without cost or obligation of any sort. - Dave


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