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Friday, December 2, 2011

Livingstone Daisies
This bowl of brightly coloured Livingstone Daisies sitting on our patio are currenly in full bloom on days that are sunny and warm. This is most days, but just occasionally cooler days or no sun may prevent them from giving a nice wide-open display.


Pete said...

Nice display Dave! Great to have some colour on the patio :) I like your new blog design, they have some interesting ones in there don't they?

Dave said...

Hi Pete. yes they do. Thanks. I like Livingstone Daisies colours - Dave

Ruby said...

Very beautiful. It must be a pleasure to see them everytime you walk by :))

Saun said...

I keep forgetting its summer where you are. Beautiful flowers

Dave said...

Ruby, thanks. yes it is.
Saun, thanks. Yes, it takes a bit of getting our heads around huh? - Dave


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