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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Home for a Gnome
This little fellow sat guarding one of our nearby flower gardens for a few years until his colours faded and he had to finally be removed for respectability-sake. He sat on my workbench in the garage for about a year until I finally felt motivated enough to purchase some paints, also using some of my house and fence paints, and gave him renewed red jacket, green pants and hat, black shoes, and a repaint of other things including his pink face.

Now he is back, reinstated to his former glory and on guard once again.

He doesn't have a name, but if readers care to suggest some names he will probably be delighted!


Pete said...

Carl comes to mind for some reason Dave, not sure why but he just looks like a Carl :) Now he is all spruced up I hope he's not going to be one of those gnomes who disappear every now and again on World trips and send postcards home? hehe :)

Dave said...

Carl sounds OK to me Pete, unless someone comes up with a more exclusive one! He won't travel far. He's broke! - Dave

Pyjama Gardener said...

The movie Gnomeo and Juliet may have some good name suggestions...

Dave said...

Thanks PG. If you have seen that movie can you suggest a name as I probably won't get to see it? :-) - Dave


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