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Friday, August 27, 2010

Piha Beach
This must be one of the most dangerous beaches in New Zealand which are used as general swimming beaches.

Piha Beach is located on the west coast, west of Auckland City. It has a very experienced team of surf life guards who are very professional and they are kept very busy during the holiday season rescuing many irresponsible swimmers who don't seem to have the intelligence to realise the dangers, and continue to take unnecessary risks.

The beach is dangerous because it has several hidden current rips as well as strong currents that can throw inexperienced boarders and swimmers against rocks beside the large rock visible here. Another danger can be large dangerous waves during heavy seas.
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info said...

This is so far from the truth I can't believe it> I live in Piha and spend hours in the water as does my granddaughter. No one has ever drowned inside the flagged area. The very very few who do drown are usually idiots in jeans on the rocks or swim after drinking. It is dramatised for a program called Piha Rescue that film for hours and hours to get minutes of footage for their reality TV show. The last 'drowning' screened several times was actually a suicide. It is a surf beach so of course has fabulous waves . . .

Dave said...

If your comment is true why do you not supply a name, or at least an e-mail address so that I may contact you? If you were to do that maybe I could be pursuaded that I was wrong and offer you an apology. But I will not change this for an anonymous comment. - Dave


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