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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mr Whippy
I guess most developed countries in the world have people who drive trucks like the one above and travel around the cities and beach resorts in summer selling ice creams from the rear of the truck. As they go they play a popular tune through a loudspeaker on the roof. In the case of this vehicle they play the song Greensleeves and the kids readily recognise who it is when they hear the tune.

They usually come around my area just on dinner time which must annoy Mums who know that their kids probably won't eat their dinner after a big ice cream!


jel said...

cool shot!
living in the country ya don't see them,
but when I was a little kid, and spent summer with my grandmother in the city, it was very sweet! :)

Dave said...

Even I still like their icecream Jel. :-) Dave

Pete@HamiltonViews said...

Ahhh yes Green Sleeves was the tune I seem to remember Dave - life seemed so straightforward in those days :)


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