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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Bank building with the Waikato flag flying above
The Bank building, Hamilton.
The Bank of New Zealand opened for business in Hamilton in 1875. At that time this building was located in a very prominent location at the southern end of Victoria Street, the main street in the town, and Hood Street, just above Grantham Street which lead down to the river below the Victoria Bridge and the river landing where most of the activity of the early settlers took place - river transport boat landing and other activities.
This photo shows some of the ornate architecture of the building.
The Bank of New Zealand left the building in 1986. It was vacant for some years before it was refurbished in 1994 as a bar and café, which was appropriately called "The Bank." The outside of the building was painted this colour and later it was repainted grey and it remains an imposing building.
To prove it's importance to Hamilton's history it appears in many early photos of Hamilton and is very much an important part of our city.

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Pete said...

Good stuff Dave - I like the beer there now! :)


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