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Monday, February 9, 2009

The Victoria Bridge across the Waikato River in Hamilton, New Zealand.
First Posting
This is my first blog on this URL. It is intended to show a picture a day either of mine, or from some other source.


Pete said...

Congratulations Dave on your first post on the new blog! It's hard to get this bridge all in one shot isn't it :)


Georgia Gal said...

I can't believe I found these Hamilton blogs through a project of a Russian school group. I worked for 6 months in 1997 at the Polytechnic (I think they have changed the name)in the library and had the most wonderful time. I thought Hamilton was the greatest place. Your picture of the bridge brings back such memories.

The women marchers, the Anglican cathedral, wonderful music, theater, flower...oh, the flowers. There was a tree bearing grapefruit all year in my front yard. I had this great manager who arranged for me to visit libraries in Wellinton, Dunedin, and other places in the island.

I will follow your blog.

Also...I too am retired and still trying to figure it out.


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