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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mum and Dad Swan with signets. Swans in New Zealand, and I think Australia, are all black. I do not think that white swans exist in the southern hemisphere, nor black ones in the northern hemisphere. If anyone can correct me here I would be pleased to know. Here is a photo taken a couple of years ago at a small lake on the north Shore of Auckland.


dabunnywabbit said...

We have resident Whispering White swans in our local pond near our home. They have one charcoal signet, and the rest are white. Is this possible?
They are about 4 mos old right now, and will be learning to fly soon. Can you explain why a pair of white swans would have a charcoal or black signet? thank you

Dave said...

Hi dabunnywabbit. No, you have me stumped. I wonder where you live? Maybe your location may cross over with those of the black swan? White swans live in the northern hemisphere and black swans are in the southern hemisphere. If you can think of a logical answer please e-mail me back at cimba7200@gmail.com ?


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