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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Waikato River at Hamilton
I feel a strong affinity for the Waikato River. Though this part of the river is straight for about one kilometre, the rest of the river flows in twisting turns through our city and is a thing of natural wonder and beauty. I find enjoyment and peace whenever I am beside it. It also serves our city for water supply and as a source of recreation for those who have power boats or wish to water ski. Rowing and dragon boating sports are also carried out here giving extra enjoyment of our fine river as well as raft races in summer. The Waikato River is the character and heart of our city.


JustTammie said...

This is a beautiful picture, it looks so peaceful and relaxing.

Dave said...

Thanks Tammie. Yes, it is - Dave

Saun said...

Nice pic Dave, Your pic of the building in Cambridge I really love the angle of the shot. Have a great week....

Dave said...

Thanks Saun. You have a great week too - Dave

Katherines Corner said...

Lovely photo :-)

Liou said...


Dave said...

Thanks Katherine.
Liou, thanks for calling - Dave

Joe said...

What is that enormous green thing on top of the tree trunk?

Dave said...

Joe, probably the tree top greenery. I don't see anything out of place here - Dave


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