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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Pukeko is a New Zealand wading bird, found around lakes or swampy land. Because it is so prevalent around the Hamilton Lake many people treat it with contempt, much like you might a seagull or pigeon. But I like the Pukeko and think it is an attractive bird with its blue/black colouring topped off with its red 'cap.'

It is generally a shy bird, non-aggressive and co-exists easily with other wild fowl like ducks, geese and pigeons. In spring to summer it usually has one or two chicks and protects them by encouraging them to stay amongst the reads.

Though most of the Pukeko found in Hamilton are not credited with flying we have visited other habitats elsewhere in NZ where they fly quite readily and can be seen roosting in the trees.


Pete said...

Some of the one's at the lake can be a bit touchy if you get too close when they have chicks which is understandable. I had one see me off one day haha :)

Dave said...

Hi Pete. Yes, that's understandable alright - Dave

Shana said...

What an interesting looking bird...thanks for the info!

Dave said...

Hi Shana. Thanks for your comment - Dave

Calogero Mira said...

Very nice animal :-).

Dave said...

Hi Calogero. Thanks for calling - Dave


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