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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This grafitti is on a bridge wall in Hamilton.

I never found it particularly clever, but it just seemed to be making a comment - maybe from an annoyed grafittiist who's work was constantly deleted? I wonder...?


Pete@HamiltonViews said...

Haha that's odd isn't it Dave. Looks a bit like a prehistoric wall drawing, perhaps that says something about the 'artist' who did it? lol :)

Dave said...

I think you are right Pete! - Dave

Anonymous said...

Very interesting and different. I have to agree with the comments above. Prehistoric attempt with a modern twist.

Dave said...

Hi flutietootie, yes, it does sybolise prehistoric art huh? :-) Dave

TeenBlogger said...

Hm I actually like it tho...It's pretty interesting and definitely different.

Jamiel said...

Hi there..
Nice blog..
Thanks for sharing..

viiviibr0wn92 said...

i like this. :)

Dave said...

teenblogger, thanks for visiting and for your comment. Yes, it is different.
Jamie, thanks for your comment.
viiviibr0wn92, Thanks - Dave

Ella said...

The Graffiti drawing shows what kind of person the guy is. However it is quite intresting and funny!

Dave said...

Ella, thanks for your comment. I guess it is funny except that it is defacing public property which I don't like. - Dave

Art by Colugnatti said...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Dave said...

Colugnatti, thanks. Enjoyed your art - Dave

Surto said...

Nice blog,congratulations from Brasil.


Dave said...

Hi Surto. Thanks for your comment. - Dave


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