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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hand gardening fork

This is my trusty hand garden fork used to loosen soil around established plants to allow aeration.

I look after my tools, of whatever type and most of them still look a lot newer than they actually are. This fork is about 30 years old and when not in use hangs amongst my other garden tools against the wall in my garage.

It's easy to care for garden tools. Just wash them with the hose after use and dry them in the sun before putting them away. Don't leave them lying around outside as they will soon rust if this is done.

Tools of all types are expensive to buy and will last for years if properly cared for.


Pete said...

I can see that fork has seen a bit of action Dave! Thanks for the tips :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed my visit to this, your photo blog. As for garden tools, you are correct. I always clean off my shears (of all kinds) and oil the joints and most look pretty good. Most of my tools are at least 40 or 50 years old and some of my garden shovel blades broke and I had them welded back together and still use them. I don't like the plastic handles now on a lot of tools.

Dave said...

Pete, yep. I am using my Dad's trowel for planting plants. It looks much older but still works fine. He looked after his tools too.
Abraham, thanks for your visit and comments. Yes, tools will last many years if cared for. I agree about plastic. The sun deteriorates it and it will break. Seen plastic clothes pegs? - Dave


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